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Sunday Services and Communion at 10 AM 

A Message From Our Senior Pastor


Dear Holy Cross Members and Friends:

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our amazing volunteers who stepped up last Sunday to cover for so many people who were away. You did an amazing job making our service Spirit filled and as seamless as it could have been. We had excellent worship because of each of you. Thank you so very much for your faithfulness to God and to the ministry of Holy Cross MCC.

Largely due to the number of people out last week, our offering fell far short of budget. I'm asking you on behalf of the Board and the congregation to help us catch up this Sunday. We've made some serious commitments together which require the appropriate funding of our ministries. I know God is faithful, so I'm asking all of us to match that faithfulness, to the best of our ability, with our giving.

This coming Tuesday night is our monthly Board meeting. We will hold our open board meeting in the sanctuary from 7PM - 8:30PM. At 8:30, we will adjourn the open board meeting and the members of the board and I will move to the Pastor's office for executive session to discuss personnel issues. If you're on our agenda for the open meeting, we ask you to be on time, prepared with your report and as thorough and concise as possible. Thanks for your cooperation and for helping us conduct our business in ways that reflect the gospel we teach and preach, and the agreements we've made together.

In advance, let me thank all the volunteers who will be working with Operation Inasmuch this Saturday, under the direction of Rev. Booth Iburg. I've rearranged my schedule so I can be here to witness all the wonderful ways you will reach out into the community on this date. I can't wait to see youSaturday. Thanks so much for all you're doing.

 We have now implemented our check request policy. Prior to spending any church funds, please complete a check request form (available in the office) and submit it, along with supporting documents, to either me or our Treasurer. We want to manage all our funds in the most responsible manner possible.   Furthermore, there should be no further fundraising on behalf of any part of Holy Cross MCC without prior authorization from the Pastor and/or the Board of Directors. I'm a huge believer in what I call the General Fund. When the General Fund is healthy, we can purchase whatever we need for the church and its ministry.   Thanks again for your cooperation.

Drum Roll Please.......the new name for this newsletter.........from this date until we decide to change it Holy Cross G.E.M -Greetings, Events and Meetings. Congratulations to Joey Bishop, who submitted the winning name! So, from now on we'll be asking you to read "The GEM" and that will refer to our newsletter.

I want to offer a reminder about something we discussed in worship two weeks ago. In Christian tradition, it is customary to stand for Gospel readings - Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. It is not seen as customary or necessary for stand for other readings. I hope you will understand when we only ask you to stand for Gospel readings, and not for the others. For example, this coming Sunday, neither reading is from a Gospel, so it is not necessary to stand for them. However, if standing is important to you and you feel led to stand, by all means do so. We are open to all sorts of both/and situations, as our Visions guidelines suggest.

Speaking of Sunday, I've adjusted my sermon title to just one work, "Chosen." The reading from Thessalonians is an uplifting and encouraging passage that discusses family relationship in the realm of God. What does it mean to be chosen, what are the responsibilities and what about families, both biological families and chosen ones? Spend some time with this passage before you get here;

1 Thessalonians 1.1-10
"Paul, Silvanus, and Timothy, to the church of the Thessalonians...Grace to you and peace. We always give thanks to God for all of you and mention you in our prayers, constantly remembering before our God your work of faith and labor of love and steadfastness of hope in Christ. For we know, brothers and sisters beloved by God, that God has chosen you, because our message of the gospel came to you not in word only, but also in power and in the holy Spirit and with full conviction; just as you know what kind of persons we proved to be among you for your sake."

Finally, for today, watch The GEM next week for information about Membership Class, Bible Study and Worship Volunteer Training Day. All of it is coming soon.

Have a blessed weekend and I'll see you in church.

Very Fondly,



Rev. Dr. Jim Merritt      

Senior Pastor

Holy Cross Business Sponsors

Holy Cross MCC Business Sponsors have a unique opportunity to partner with our church to offer discounts and merchandise to our church members and their families.

For more information, please contact our church office at 850.469.9090 or Contact Us.  

MLR Fine Jewelry & Gifts
4021 Highway 90
Pace, FL 32571
(850) 994-4581

Bonelli’s Café Italia
1217 N. 9th Avenue
Pensacola, FL 32501
(850) 4663002

Scentsy for the Home
Contact:  Joey Bishop

Randall’s Formal Wear
4400 Bayou Boulevard
Pensacola, FL 32503


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