Time keeps on slipping…

 In Pastor's Message

There’s a song that says, “Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future.” I’m experiencing that now more than ever as it seems like time is passing by. This Sunday is PalmSunday and we have a grand celebration planned. We’ll start out with palm fronds for everyone and a few large branches to wave as we reenact Jesus’ entrance into the city of Jerusalem. From there we will move directly into communion, which will be followed by our wonderful choir’s presentation of “Forever: Songs of Grace and Mercy.” One interesting fact for you: we did not purchase this musical, we’ve put it together ourselves and I’m very proud of it. Much love to Ty LoVette and all our musicians for the extreme faithfulness they’ve shown preparing this unique worship experience for us. Come join us both at 10:00AM and 6:30PM and bring some friends. Let’s pack the house for the final Sunday before Easter.

On Good Friday, we will hold a special service of remembrance of the events of that day in the life of Jesus. We will feature a skit arranged by Michelle LoFaso and several of our own folks, followed by Stations of the Cross during which we will consider every step of Jesus’ way toward the cross. For many who grew up in traditions like I did, the observance of Good Fridaymay be unique. I encourage you to try it on and to use it as a way to fully participate in the experience of Holy Week and Easter.

On Easter Sunday Rev. Lee Carlton will offer an Easter Sunrise Service here in our prayer garden (weather permitting) at 6:00AM. Our main Easter Sunday morning Worship Celebration will be in the sanctuary at 10:00AM.   My sermon for that day is called, “I’ve Just Seen Jesus.” We would love to have a full house as we celebrate the blessings of Easter together. We will also welcome 10 new members into our Holy Cross MCC community during this service. Be here and bring some friends with you.

Have you set up your account with the church’s new Cleargive service? I want to encourage you to do so as soon as possible. This system allows Holy Cross MCC to receive your tithes and offerings via charge card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover) and to receive recurring payments, with your authorization, of course. The system will also allow us to register for events at the church and much more. On Sunday, Chris Baxter and Donna Stough will be available to help you set up your account and/or make a contribution via the Cleargive kiosk. Your board and I are very excited about all the benefits our church will receive from having this system available. Thank you.

Thanks so much for your moving comments about my sermon from Sunday, “What’s in Your Bowl”. I certainly was moved by the study and preparation, too. Remember all of our sermons are available online at www.holycrossmcc.com. And by the way, our new website will be ready for its roll out at the beginning of April. I can’t wait for you to see it.

I’m so pleased to be in ministry with all of you here at Holy Cross MCC. The very best ministry that can happen is shared ministry, ministry that we do together. It’s not just about my plan or your plan, but laser focused on God’s plan for our church and for our community. May God continue to bless us as individuals and as a church where every person is welcomed, respected and loved. I look forward to seeing you very soon.

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