Tricky Business

 In Pastor's Message

Thank you for another outstanding week of ministry here at Holy Cross MCC.  I’m still amazed by the number of you who show up in so many ways to help us demonstrate the all-inclusive love of God to this community.  You are living into your calling as God’s chosen ones.  Again, thank you.

I’m very happy to introduce our new Confidential Assistant to the Pastor, Deborah Brande. Deborah will be working part time in our office beginning this week. Put simply, Deb’s job is to assist me with scheduling, correspondence, communication and all other clerical functions.  After her training is complete, her normal work days will be MondayWednesday and Friday. You will be able to reach Deb at the church office or via email by clicking here.  Please take some time to introduce yourselves to Deb and help me welcome her.  I’m very pleased to have her join us.

I’ve been contacted by a graduate student at UWF, seeking assistant with a project he is doing concerning LGBT people and religion. He writes, “My name is James Goodson. I’m a master’s student at a Southern university doing research into LGBT issues. My current research is about the intersection of gender roles and religion. In most of the research about religion, LGBT folks are assumed to be absent or insignificant. The researchers either don’t ask about sexuality at all (and therefore assume a heterosexual sample) or they don’t bother to consider any differences between straight people and LGBT people. By giving your data, you can help to change that assumption. This sample will be entirely composed of LGBT people and will measure your experiences with religious social support, gender role, discrimination, and distress. Hopefully, this research can be used to improve our understanding of LGBT peoples’ lives and experiences. The survey takes approximately 30-45 minutes, is entirely anonymous, and isn’t expected to cause undue distress in participants.

Click Here to Take the Survey.

I like to support students, so I would encourage you to complete this survey if at all possible.  Thanks for “trying it on.”

Make a note of some dates, please.  November 2 Daylight Saving Time ends, FALL BACK one hour.  November 4 “Good News from the Book of Revelation” bible study begins (this is a slight schedule change). November 8Church Yard Sale, Bake Sale and Pet Blessing. November 9 – 12PM– Acolyte Training. November 16 – 12:15PM Holy Cross MCC Membership Class. November 18 – 7PM – Board of Directors Meeting. November 27 –Holy Cross MCC Community Thanksgiving Meal. November 30 – Advent Begins.  All of these, combined with our weekly ministry offerings show that we are alive, well and active in ministry together.  Mark your calendars now and don’t miss a thing.  We’ll be glad you did.

Help us meet our budget for October 2014.  Our budget goal is within reach this month and I believe we are going to make it.  There are a couple of ways you can help us get there.  First, be in church on Sunday and bring a friend.  Second, bring your tithes and offerings with you and consider just a little of what I call “over and above” giving.   Finally, if you find that you cannot be here on Sunday, send your tithes and offerings in advance, drop them by or consider an online payment through our website at  And remember my promise, “On the very day I am able to stop discussing money, I promise I will.” Let’s all chip in and make it happen.

You’re in for a unique surprise on Sunday morning.  Don’t miss it.  Be here with us as we consider Tricky Business as our sermon title.  I look forward to seeing you at church and in the community.

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