What’s in your bowl?

 In Pastor's Message

This week our campus has been a flurry of activity with volunteers getting us ready for Easter, the choir and praise band practicing for worship and for our long-awaited Easter musical, and with our regular ministry volunteers actively sharing the all-inclusive love of Jesus in a variety of ways. This is what shared ministry is all about – the people of God coming together to fulfill God’s callings on our lives. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to participate in and lead this Holy Cross MCC ministry team. Thanks so much for your fabulous participation.

A couple of specific “Thank You’s” from last Sunday; first to Marty Hulsey for playing the keyboard for us during Pat’s time off last Sunday, and to Cindy Haber for the beautiful solo we enjoyed during worship. You both contributed to the spirit of worship during our service. Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us!

March 29, Palm Sunday, is fast approaching. I hope all our members and friends will be present to support our choir as they present the Easter musical Forever: Songs of Grace and Mercy. On Sunday morning at 10 we will offer a brief service of communion just prior to the musical presentation. This will begin at our regular Worship Celebration time – 10:00AM. In the evening, we will offer just the musical at 6:30PM. I very much admire our choir for their dedication to extra rehearsals and all the work necessary to offer us such a moving Easter presentation. Come show them your love and support and join with us we make final preparations for the blessings of Easter.

On Easter Sunday, we will offer two worship service opportunities, first a Sunrise Service in the garden (weather permitting) led by Rev. Lee Carlton. The 10:00AM Easter Worship Celebration will follow at its regular time. We’re working on a special event for the time between the two services, so be here with us on Sunday to hear all about that. Most important, plan to be here to celebrate all the amazing blessings of Easter with your Holy Cross MCC family/community of faith, and bring some friends. Let’s pack the house in honor of Jesus’ resurrection!

My sermon for this Sunday is “What’s in Your Bowl?” I hope you will spend some time reflecting on this reading from the wisdom of Robert Holden between now and then;

“[The Dalai Lama’s physician once said the key to health and happiness is to] empty your bowl of yesterday’s rice. What is yesterday’s rice? It is your past. In particular, it is all your old disappointments, grievances and wounds. Every day…I counsel people who are haunted by the ghosts of the past. Their mind is full of sticky rice. They hold their past against themselves, cruelly replaying mistakes, failures, heartbreaks, errors and moments of weakness…

Whenever you are unhappy, you are probably replaying old movies in your mind. If when you are in fear or pain, you can have the presence to say, ‘This is about the past,’ you immediately create an opening in your mind for healing, inspiration, forgiveness and something new.”

Join with us as we consider the question, “What’s in your bowl,” as we make room for the blessings of Easter.

Thanks for every kindness you show toward Al and me. We love you deeply and look forward to all the events leading up to Easter and beyond. We’re in this together, because that’s the best way to be. Be safe and be focused inward as we prepare for the amazing blessings that lie ahead.

Very Fondly,

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