National Weekend of Prayer for Marriage Equality

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Dear Holy Cross Members and Friends,

This coming Tuesday, the United States Supreme Court will hear what we believe is the ultimate case on Marriage Equality around the world.  You and I share a vital interest in what happens there.  Let me explain.  MCC is THE Marriage Equality Church.  Rev. Troy Perry, according to Time magazine, performed the first same-sex marriage in the United States in 1968.  Since that date MCC has been involved in the work toward marriage equality.  As a matter of fact, not a single advance in human rights has happened in the United States since 1968 that MCC has not been a part of.

So you may be wondering why this is important to Florida given that we got marriage equality on January 6, 2015.  It is true that we were able to legally marry, however, none of the needed enabling legislation has even been discussed in the Florida legislature and we just can’t depend on the current members there to rectify that.  In addition to that, our marriages should be recognized in every state, without concern for the gender of the married spouses.  Equal means fully equal and we just are not quite there yet.

This weekend we will be joining with hundreds of churches across the United States in a National Weekend of Prayer for Marriage Equality.  We’ll pray for the Supreme Court, we’ll share a responsive reading in support of marriage equality and we will do all we can within our faith practice to support a very positive decision from the United States Supreme Court, which we expect early this Summer.  I hope you’ll make a special effort to be here with your partner, spouse, husband or wife.

Our ClearGive system is now working very well.  This system will allow Holy Cross MCC to receive contributions electronically via several methods.  Contributions can be made on a one time basis or on a regular basis through automatic charge.  Your Board and I went to great lengths to make sure this system is safe.  None of your banking or credit card information is stored at Holy Cross MCC.  It is run through a nationally qualified service provider.

ClearGive also allows participants to register to participate in church events, obtain tickets (when necessary), to register their attendance in Worship and other church programs and so much more.  We are rolling out the use of this new program gradually and with good success.  If you haven’t already, please see a member of the Board this Sunday morning to set up your account.  Here’s a video overview for your consideration – ClearGive Demonstration .  Try it on with us this week.

Sunday’s worship promises to be inspiring.  We’ll have marvelous music, passionate preaching and wonderful worship and praise as we gather together to celebrate all that God is to us.  My sermon is called, Laying it Down for Jesus, and is based on readings from Psalm 23 and John 10.  Come and bring a friend as we join together in worship and praise.

Have a safe and happy weekend.


Very Fondly,

Rev. Dr. Jim Merritt

Senior Pastor

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