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As always, I want to thank you for your faithfulness to the ministry of Holy Cross Metropolitan Community Church in Pensacola.  It is through your faithful participation via your time, your talent, your treasure and your truth, that we are able to engage in effective ministry to the greater Pensacola area and beyond.  Meaningful ministry is never just about a pastor, a church leader, or any individual.  It is about a community of faith called together in a specific place and time for a mission that God desires to have fulfilled.  We’re on a mission like that, together, which make it both much more effective and a whole lot more fun.  Thanks for you faithful support of Holy Cross MCC.

Several of you are beginning to ask about our next Membership Class.  It is scheduled for Sunday, June 14, shortly after the Morning Worship Celebration.  This is a good time to register for the class, which you may do by emailing office@holycrossmcc.com.  Membership Class is required for all new and returning members.

Speaking of members, I want to share some very good numbers with you.  These come from our denomination via its latest reports.  First, Holy Cross MCC has reached the point where it is now considered a “Program Size Church” in our denomination.  We have Family sized churches, Pastor sized churches, Program sized churches, and a couple more beyond that.  Now, a word of caution.  You’ve been here before and I understand just the term created some false hopes and expectations.  Let’s not repeat that, but let’s do celebrate the fact that we’re growing in average weekly attendance and in membership.  As I said to you early on, I believe our membership will reach 200+ by the end of 2015, and we’re getting very close to that.  Let’s keep moving forward in this direction.  Let’s invite friends, family members and members of the community to join us and to be a part of what God is doing in and through Holy Cross MCC.

In addition to that, our commitment to faithful giving is growing on a steady basis.  Our per capita giving has improved significantly as has our overall giving and what we contribute to the worldwide work of Metropolitan Community Churches has increased.  I share these numbers with you because they are real and measurable ways that we determine the health and well-being of churches.  Congratulations to each one of you who serves a role here, to everyone who attends, gives and participates on any level.  We’re on the path that God has planned with us and there are exciting times ahead.  Let’s grow this church together; not just in numbers, but in faith and in depth of spirituality and in service to our community both here and far away.

I’m very proud of you, Holy Cross MCC.  These are exciting times and I’m so happy to be here servicing TOGETHER with you.

Now a word about Sunday.  Our readings are very interesting – about the Ethiopian Eunuch and about Jesus analogy of the vineyard.  Years ago I recorded a preaching series in a vineyard in North Carolina.  I might share a little clip of that with you on Sunday.  Either way, my sermon is called, “Lessons from the Vineyard.”  I hope you’ll make a commitment to being here for our magnificent preaching, powerful worship and for the preaching and teaching of the Bible – our manual for faith and practice.

My very best to you and every blessing…

Rev. Dr. Jim Merritt

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