Mothers Day Musings

 In Pastor's Message

Dear Holy Cross Members and Friends,

Thank you again for your generous support of Holy Cross MCC with you time, your talent, your treasure and your truth.  We had another excellent Sunday of giving that will enable us to fully implement the ministries to which God has called us.  Thank you.

I have good news for you – our church office is now open every day of the work week.  My Confidential Assistant Deb is here Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9:30 until 3:00.  On Wednesday’s, our new office volunteer Morgan Carlson will staff the office from about 9:30 until about 2:00.  Morgan has served in many roles at Holy Cross in the past and we are thrilled to have him join us in this capacity. If you’re on campus on Wednesday’s stop by the office and say hello to him.  He’ll be glad to meet you and become more acquainted with you.

An important note about weddings for the summer season.  Our schedule is once again becoming very busy with weddings large and small.  If you’re considering marriage or holy union, please contact the church office at the earliest possible date to schedule your ceremony.  We have a very thorough wedding policy and a good set of guidelines that will assist with your planning.  We even have our own wedding coordinator available to help you. We’re already booking weddings into 2016, so as soon as you’re ready, get your desired date on our calendar.  We look forward to celebrating with you.

Membership Class will be offered on Sunday, June 14, 2015, shortly after the morning worship celebration.  I know many of you are considering membership so this would be a good time to explore it further.  Membership Class is required of all new and returning members.  To reserve your place in the next class, please email I look forward to seeing you in our next group of candidates.

This Sunday our Ministry Team Leaders will meet for a second time.  If you lead any team or group in the church it is important for you to join us.  This meeting will be focused on mission statements.  Each team has been asked to develop its own mission statement and to share it during Sunday’s meeting.  We will use those mission statements to help begin bringing the entire church mission statement up to date.  If, by the way, you are not a ministry leader and you’re interested in this process, you’re welcome to join us.  Be here with us, Ministry Team leaders, on Sunday shortly after the morning worship celebration.

Finally, a word about Sunday.  Part of our service will be dedicated to the recognition of mothers.  I am keenly aware that not every member of our congregation has positive memories, feelings or experiences of mother.  I encourage you to think about women who have been a positive impact on your life; teachers, extended family members, church family members, any woman who has provided a positive role model for you.  Focus on those people as we honor mothers on Sunday.  We’ll have a little gift for all mothers, for all those who have fulfilled the responsibilities of mother, for mothers who were never able to have their own children.  We’ll expand our group of mothers to honor a wide range of people who have served in the role, even regardless of gender.  Come experience an inclusive celebration of mothers with us this Sunday.

Continue praying for the US Supreme Court.  Pray for our friends and family members who are sick.  Pray for those experiencing relationship difficulties.  Pray for your pastor and for all the leaders of our church.  We’re in this together – all of us.

Have a blessed, safe and happy weekend and I’ll see you in church.

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