Spectacular Summer

 In Pastor's Message

Thanks for your faithfulness to Holy Cross MCC.  Our church is in the midst of a spectacular summer with good attendance, good offerings, good participation and a wonderful Spirit present with us as we serve God together.  You are very important to us and we very much appreciate your participation in the ministry of Holy Cross MCC.

Our much beloved clergy student, Jes Morgan is back with us.  As we move toward the end of her student clergy process, you will see Jes involved in ministry around Holy Cross MCC, including this Sunday when she will bring our sermon.  Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Jes share the word with us this week.  I can’t wait to hear her preach again.

Many of you participated in our Mission/Vision/Purpose workshop after church a few weeks ago.  I was very pleased by the number of participants.  If you were there, here’s your reminder to email your own mission/vision/purpose statement to office@holycrossmcc.com. We’ll use these statements to help us get started actually writing a statement for the church when we gather again on Sunday, July 26.  Once again I hope many of you will participate. If you missed the last meeting, come anyway.  Your voice is important as we discern together God’s purpose for our church over the next five years or so.  I look forward to seeing you there.

Our Summer Life Study Series has begun.  We’re studying The Fifth Agreement by Don Miguel Ruiz and his son, Don Jose Ruiz.  Our first session as intense and enlightening with great discussion and participation by all who attended.  Come join us next Wednesday at 7:00.  Everybody’s welcome.  If you would like to order the text, you may do so by clicking here THE FIFTH AGREEMENT . It may also be available at your local bookseller.

God has a plan for us both individually and together.  In this week’s gospel we read about the beheading of John the Baptist.  Similarities exist between the death of John and the death of Jesus.  As I think about this reading, I’m reminded that even when it seems impossible, God can make a way out of no way.  Even when all hope appears to be gone, God will accomplish God’s mission.  Even when it feels like we’re dying, and some do die, God will raise up people who are both equipped and willing to carry on God’s purposes to completion.  Even death and the grave are overcome in the realm of God.  I hope you find that as encouraging as I do.  When God is for us, no one can stand against us.

I look forward to seeing you in church this weekend.  Have a safe and enjoyable weekend.

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