Breast Cancer Awareness and More

 In Pastor's Message

My deep gratitude goes out to all of you who attended church this past Sunday and kept the local ministry of Holy Cross MCC of Pensacola alive and well.  I am extremely proud of Jes Morgan and her the sermon she preached.  I wrote and told her, “A++!”  Both Ty and Michelle moved me with the songs they sang.  Yes, I was watching online from Houston, and I was moved by the Spirit, even via the computer screen.   Thanks, also, to all of you who have been faithful with your regular giving and to those who are participating in our Tree of Opportunity fundraiser.  Remember to bring your envelopes back this Sunday and help us reach our goal.  Thanks very much.

I want to introduce a new project today called “Our Saints.”  On Sunday, November 1, 2015, we will celebrate All Saints Day.  Between now and then, I am inviting you to send us pictures of your deceased loved ones, humans and pets that you would like for us to remember.  Give us the name and how they are related to you, please.  We’ll take all of those, set them to music and offer a special video presentation of “Our Saints” during our Worship Celebration that morning.  Please send your pictures to via electronic format.  If you need help with that, please call the church office.  Please do not give us the only copy of a beloved photo that you have; we don’t want to risk losing or damaging them.  I look forward to great participation in this project as we attempt to honor “Our Saints” on All Saints Day.  Thanks in advance for your participation.

Katy, Al and I had a wonderful experience at our MCC South Gulf Coast Network meeting.  I’m sure Katy will offer details in her Lay Delegate Report in a week or two.  I believe this is the best network for Holy Cross MCC of Pensacola.  We share much in common with the other churches in this group and best of all, Holy Cross MCC has much to offer the other churches.  I hope you will plan now to make the next MCC South Gulf Coast Network event a priority in your schedule. MCC is so much more than one local church and has so much to offer.  By the way, I would love for many of you to join us at MCC’s General Conference next July in Canada.  See Miriam, our other Lay Delegate, for information about that event.

One more “thank you.”  Thanks to all of you who participated in our study of Homosexuality and the Bible. This study drew the largest participation we’ve experience in a Bible Study – upwards of 50 people.  Be watching for our next course offering so you can participate, too.  By the way, if there are topics you would like for us to explore, write to me at I’ll be happy to consider them.

This Sunday we will honor Breast Cancer Month.  We’ll offer a special blessing for all those who are living with and have recovered from Breast Cancer.  My sermon for the day is called, “Spirituality and Sexuality.”  I know, too, that we will have the best music in town.  So, come and join us and bring some friends.  We’ll be glad you did.  Until then, may God bless you and may God bless Holy Cross MCC of Pensacola.

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