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I hope you are in the middle of a wonderful week, experiencing God’s superabundant love and superabundant grace.  If you missed this past Sunday’s worship celebration, you may be wondering what I’m referring to.  I encourage you to watch the video of our service at https://www.facebook.com/albert.k.leach/videos/10205505473853154/?theater.  We had a wonderful time in worship together and it’s not too late for you to experience it as well.


Our new Student Clergy Intern, Gail Atchison arrived today (Wednesday) and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  She jumped right into the middle of a very full day with me and hung in there through it all.  I know Gail is going to be a blessing to both our church and community.  Gail is in her final semester of seminary and will complete her field education here with us.  In addition to her seminary training, Gail already has a BS in Criminal Justice, an MS in Applied Psychology, and a PhD in Human Behavior and Organizational Management. She is completing her Master of Divinity at Earlham School of Religion, in Richmond, Indiana, with graduation anticipated in May 2016. I will be supervising her both for completion of her MCC Clergy requirements and for her seminary Field Education course.  Gail is a very talented professional woman with skills that I believe will help us this year, so I am very happy for her to join us.  I’ll introduce Gail on Sunday and look forward to you sharing our extreme hospitality with her.


With our annual Congregational Meeting approaching, I want to share with you again the Guidelines for our Work Together.  I introduced these guidelines to the congregation during my interview/visit with you, and we officially adopted them as our guidelines for working together shortly after my arrival as Senior Pastor.  I will review these in detail at the start of our Congregational Meeting, and I hope you will get reacquainted with them between now and then.  Here they are in very simple form;

  1. Try on.
  2. It’s okay to disagree. It is not okay to shame, blame or attack others.
  3. Practice self-focus.
  4. Practice both/and thinking.
  5. Beware of intent and impact.
  6. Take 100% responsibility for one’s own learning.

Your Board and I are committed to a peaceful, productive and positive meeting.  We ask you to join with us to make sure that happens.

I encourage you to watch the church calendar at http://www.holycrossmcc.com/calendar-of-events/calendar/. There are many exciting events coming for us to enjoy one another’s company and build community among all of us who call Holy Cross MCC of Pensacola our church home.

I look forward to seeing you at church and around the community.  Remember, you are loved.  You are worthy.  You are welcome.

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