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Dear Holy Cross Members and Friends:

I have a devotional book that I read almost every day.  This morning’s reading (February 3) seemed appropriate for all of us.  Here it is,

“I am with you and for you.  You face nothing alone – nothing! When you feel anxious, know that you are focusing on the visible world and leaving Me out of the picture. The remedy is simple: Fix your eyes not on what is seen but on what is unseen…I will get you safely through this day and all your days.” (Sarah Young from Jesus Calling)

Let’s keep our faith in God, keep our eyes on God and God’s plan for our lives and let’s trust God to safely guide us to the place God intends us to be.

Thanks to all of you who participated in our Congregational Meeting and its great success.  We elected 3 members for our Board of Directors, we overwhelmingly approved our budget and the changes to our by-laws.  We see this as a turning point in the life of our church.  As I preached Sunday, we are tearing down walls that separate us and building bridges in every direction so peoples’ lives can be impacted by the all-inclusive message of the Gospels.  Now that the supporting structure is in place, your Board and I will be calling on each and every member to fully engage in the purpose of Holy Cross MCC of Pensacola.  Let’s all work together to make Holy Cross a Christ-centered church of inclusion.  You are loved. You are worthy. You are welcome.  Remember to pray for your church every day.  As we participate with our time, talent, treasure and truth, there’s no stopping what God will do in and through us.

I hope you’re coming to our Mardi Gras Party this Friday night (see the ad in this copy of The GEM). We’re going to have a grand celebration will food, fellowship, a Mardi Gras King and Queen, a table decorating contest, costume contest, prizes, gift cards and so much more.  Be here this Friday evening to celebrate with your Holy Cross MCC family and to support our new Special Events Team. I can’t wait to see you.

Lent begins next Wednesday evening and we will mark it with our Ash Wednesday Service at 6:30PM. Here is our schedule for Lent/Easter 2016

February 10        6:30PM                 Ash Wednesday Service

February 17        6:30PM                 Meditation and Prayer

February 24        6:30PM                 Prayer “Cares and Concerns”

March 2                6:30PM                 Prayer with Rev-Elect Jes Morgan

March 9                6:30PM                 Old Fashioned Prayer Meeting

March 16             6:30PM                 Cooking Meditation By RSVP 20 max. $5.00

                See the pastor if unable to contribute $5.00

                March 24             6:30PM                 Maundy Thursday Service with footwashing (I’ll do the washing)

March 25             6:30PM                 Good Friday Service

March 27             7:00AM                 Early Easter Service in the Garden

10:00AM              Easter Worship Celebration

Add these to your schedule now and be here to both prepare for and celebrate Easter with your Holy Cross MCC of Pensacola family.

This Sunday’s worship promises to be very Spirited and moving.  Listen to this song to help prepare for the anthem and the sermon. The Uncloudy Day.  We can’t wait to see you back here in worship.  Come and bring some friends and let’s see what God will do to bless us!  Oh and remember to wear your favorite football jersey to church on Sunday – let’s make it a Super Worship Celebration.




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