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What Are Affinity Groups?
Affinity groups are ways for people within certain age groups, experiences, or life situations to come together and be a support to one another.  The groups are developed so that they can form spiritual community on a more intimate level.  Although, I am currently leading the groups, eventually the groups will lead themselves.  The people that make up various Affinity Groups come together to be a support for one another and to have fun together.  When someone in the group needs something the other members in the group are there for them.  If someone is in the hospital or sick, the group is their support.
Besides being there for one another, the group can decide on various ways to reach out to the local community and be of service.  For example: the Over 50’s group is planning a night of playing games together.  We each bring a brown bag and enjoy the evening together.
We have a variety of groups available within Holy Cross, they are:  Over 50, Under 49, Singles, Veterans, Couples, and a Transgender Group.
View our calendar for dates and times or contact the church office at 850.469.9090 or
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