Omnipresent God

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Dear Holy Cross Members and Friends,
Thanks for another fabulous Sunday at Holy Cross MCC. Our Praise Band did a wonderful job leading worship while the choir enjoyed a Sunday off. We continue to be moved by the abundant presence of God’s spirit every time we come together. Be here and remember to bring at least one person with you as we gather again with high expectations for what God will do among us this coming Sunday.
On Sunday, May 1, I’m thrilled to let you know we will have a very special guest preacher with us. My very good friend and mentor, The Rt. Rev. Grant Lynn Ford will be our special guest. Rev. Ford is the pastor led a smallish MCC in Fort Lauderdale as it became Sunshine Cathedral, one of our denominations largest churches. The first time I heard Grant preach I said, “Wow, I’ve got to get to know that man.” Little did I know he would become such a dear friend and mentor. So be here on May 1 to experience The Rt. Rev. Grant Lynn Ford. I promise you’ll be glad you did.
This Sunday we will enjoy a delicious Potluck Luncheon after our Morning Worship Celebration. Please plan to join us and bring a dish of your favorite “Sunday Dinner” food with enough to share. Everybody welcome, even if you’re unable to bring a dish.
My sermon on Sunday is called The Omnipresent God. Consider these thoughts as we move toward this weekend’s Worship Celebration;
The Wisdom of Ernest Holmes
“We believe in God as the Infinite Spirit permeating everything.”
The Wisdom of Fannie James
“That which is omnipresent fills ALL space. That which fills all space cannot be limited to form, but must contain all form within itself and be the substance of all form. Omnipresence shows that all things live and move within it; that their true Being has neither beginning nor end of days, and cannot be limited by either time, space, or conditions. …God omnipresent means God everywhere present, as the principle and source of all.”

It is true that we believe these things. We use many “Omni” words to describe God, but why do we use them, why do we believe them and what is the benefit of those core values. We’ll explore all of that and more during our time together on Sunday.
One final word. We’re working hard to keep our church website up to date and relevant to the community. Check us out once a week or so at, and spread the word.
Have a blessed weekend and I’ll see you in church.

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