Happy Mothers Day (and so much more)

 In Pastor's Message

I very deeply appreciate the warm welcome you offered my good friend, The Rt. Rev. Grant Lynn Ford this past weekend. He really enjoyed his time with us and asked me to pass along his gratitude to all of you for your warm hospitality.  Thank you.

This Saturday afternoon, our own Dr. Gail Atchison graduates from Earlham School of Religion with her Master of Divinity degree.  We are so proud of the work Gail is already doing among us.  I’ll be present for the graduation and pass along the entire church’s congratulations and love to her.  If you’d like to send a congratulatory card, you may send it to “Dr. Gail” here at the church office (3130 E. Fairfield Dr.  Pensacola 32505).

Thanks to all of you who participated in our Congregational Forum on Sunday.  The Board and I announced Project Higher Ground to the congregation.  Your positive response was deeply appreciated.  Let me highlight some of the information for those who missed it.

A well-known local realtor approached the leadership of Holy Cross MCC about selling the property.  After several weeks of discussion, we toured the property with the realtor and potential buyer, whose response was positive.  We expect an offer from this potential buyer very soon.  The realtor says, “I believe you will have an offer that you will love (very soon).”  The Board and I wanted to share this information with the congregation very early in the process, so we scheduled last Sunday’s meeting less than one week after receiving the information from the realtor.

After diligent work to balance our books and budget over the past nearly 2 years, and after focused and intentional prayer about God’s will for our church, we believe God is providing this way for us to address our budget concerns, position ourselves better to provide ministry to the community and establish ourselves in buildings much better suited for the long term outreach ministries to which God is calling us.

During the meeting, we received overwhelmingly positive support for Project Higher Ground. At the end of the meeting, surveys were distributed asking for input from those present about the project and any potential buildings or pieces of property we might consider.  These surveys will be available on the back table of the church this Sunday for those who did not have an opportunity to compete them last week.

Additional forums will be scheduled to share updates about the progress of Project Higher Ground. Until then, we ask the congregation to continue praying that God will make God’s plan for us clear, that God will give us wisdom as we proceed and that a good solid deal can be reached that will pave the way for the long term home of Holy Cross MCC of Pensacola.  I hope you’ll pray without ceasing with all of us.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day.  We’ll have flowers for all the mothers, those who wanted to be mothers, etc. I am aware that not every experience of “Mother” has been positive, so we hold those with difficult memories of mothers in our hearts as well.

Rev. Jes Morgan will make her solo debut leading the service for the first time since her ordination.  Awesome music and worship are already being planned to lead us in to God’s presence again.  I hope you’ll be here with us and bring some friends with you.

Have a blessed weekend and I’ll see you real soon.

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