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I’m writing to you this morning from Orlando, Florida.  We planned to be here on the way to a family visit long before the attack on Pulse nightclub.  Several of you have written asking how things are in Orlando now, so here are a few observations.  The city is in shock.  A great deal of nervous energy permeates the environment everywhere we go.  We have been fortunate to spend time with several of our friends during this visit.  No one that we knew directly was killed in the attack, still we are strongly impacted by this act of terror just a couple of miles from our home here.  Our community in Orlando is strong and resilient and it will survive even stronger.  Today, however, we grieve for the loss of our sisters and brothers who were killed, we pray for those who are still fighting for their lives, and we pray that our country will come together and find an answer that will end these tragic acts of violence. Keep the people of Orlando in your prayers in the days ahead and watch for ways you can help.  This is a time when we must put feet under our prayers.


This Sunday is Father’s Day and I hope you will join us for our special Father’s Day focus, featuring the music of Jason & DeMarco.   We’ll honor the men in house; fathers all those who served as fathers, those who always wanted to be fathers and could not, and those who stepped in for fathers who could not or would not do the job.  I’m aware that not all of us have good father memories. I hope this week’s service will help you find peace with your pas through the experience of a heavenly parent who loves you more than you could ever imagine.  I’ll be giving out free hugs all during the day – come feel the love.


There are many wonderful ministries and activities highlighted in this issue of The GEM.  I hope you will take note of them and join with us as often as possible.  Bring some friends and pack a row this Sunday. I look forward to seeing you.

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