The Kin-Dom of God

 In Pastor's Message

Thank you for another week of outstanding participation in the ministry of Holy Cross MCC of Pensacola. It takes all of us working together to make ministry happen in our church and in the community.  As the title of this past Sunday’s sermon suggested, there’s “Plenty of Room,” for all of us and for so many more who are still on their way.  Let’s continue broadening our focus and our welcome as others are drawn to the all-inclusive message of the gospel through Holy Cross MCC.

There are many opportunities for service in our church and I would like to highlight two new teams that are starting.  First, our Stewardship Team begins working this week.  This team will be focused on helping us offer our gratitude to regular givers, reach out to potential givers, remind member of our communities of their pledges and their progress toward completing them, develop new and improved ways to encourage regular giving, plan and implement our fall Stewardship Campaign, and work with the Finance Team to develop a realistic budget for 2017.  If you have skills in these areas and would like to join this important new team, please email me directly at

Our second “new” team is not really a new one, but rather a newly focused Fellowship Team.  This group will be working to plan and implement additional opportunities for fellowship for the members and friends of our church.  Some of these opportunities may include a monthly cake and coffee social after church, a quarterly ministry fair with food to be served, encouragement for “naturally occurring groups,” to expand, and other ways to increase our fellowship.  Once again, if you have skills in that area and you’re interested in joining this team, please email me directly at  We are particularly interested in adding younger people and newcomers to this team, so please don’t hesitate to volunteer if you fall into one of those categories.
This coming Sunday, our focus will be on “The Kin-Dom of God.”  I borrowed this term from seminary professor The Rev. Dr. Christopher Duraisingh several years ago when I studied theology with him at Episcopal Divinity School.  I’ll explain the difference between “Kingdom” and “Kin-Dom” on Sunday.  When you consider it, what does the realm of God look like to you?  Who is included in it?  Where will it be established?  What is or will be our role in it?  Give all of that some time this week as you prepare for worship around “The Kin-Dom of God” this coming Sunday.  By the way, our attendance is increasing every week.  Join with us by bringing a row of friends with you to church.  Here’s my reasoning.  We know that about 20% of the congregation contributes about 80% of what happens in church.  As we continue to grow our 80% (newcomers, visitors, etc.), our 20% will automatically grow.  That’s one of the ways we do church growth in 2016.  So let’s grow our church together and see what God will do to bless it.  I know great things are on the horizon for the ministry of Holy Cross MCC of Pensacola.

God bless you this week.  I look forward to seeing you both in the community at here at Holy Cross MCC.

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