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Our service this past Sunday focused on gratitude.  Below you will find the list of gratitudes listed on individual slips of paper, which congregants brought forward at the end of my sermon, “Attitudes of Gratitude.” I have gone out of my way to edit as little as possible.  I very deeply appreciate the congregation’s participation in our worship each week.   May this list serve as a reminder for all of us that God is good to us…all the time.

Holy Cross MCC Gratitude List

A 36 year career and great retirement benefits                                My precious wife

My precious father-in-law          Miracles God has given me in my health from my incurable illness

The friends and family God has placed in my life             Alex       Abilities  

       Family                  Love

Faith      My husband       A God-fearing Pastor     Chosen family who love me     

  The gift of music

Family  Life        Job         My partner         House& Car        Girlfriend          

  Family                  Pet         Job

Our country        3 good kids         Love of God       God’s love for me           My home 

My family

My cats                Unconditional love from my wife and daughter        

Deliverance from addiction

Holy Cross MCC where I feel we belong & our love is affirmed Jesus    

Good health      Loving partner     My Family

My family           My sister beating breast cancer 3 times               My best friend     

My partner     My family           Ann        Church  Food      Family  Friends Music    Ability to stand, speak and see

Your grace          A family that really loves me     God’s peace in my life  The Holy Spirit 

My wife

God’s gift of my parents               My job                  This church, the board and ministers      Love     

Forgiveness       Faithfulness       Love      Gratitude            Forgiveness       The love of God                              

This church         God saving me in many ways     God’s redeeming & freeing love    

My mom     My son                 New beginning          My dog        Holy Cross MCC                                Ron & Ron     Forgiveness

Being able to love and accept who I really am    Shoes on my feet           

My feet are always in pain, but I’m grateful that I have feet       My church           God’s grace       

My friends and family   My partner         My pets               My Pastor           Faithfulness       

Diversity (focused, chosen, purposed)  Hearing                                The powerful presence of the Holy Spirit

This church         Pastor Jim           God       Love      Peace    Unselfishness   Grace 

 Understanding   Humbleness     A welcoming Church    Super friends    MCC

A special relationship of love     Accepting friends

Hospitality of those who shared what they had with me             

The skill of those who cared for me and mine    My church           Family Blood kin             Salvation

The people God has put in my life           Mike & Joey as my friends          God       My Family & Friends

“Pray for the people of Haiti”    Grace    Health  Love      Peace    Divine supply    The love of my life

I am grateful to be here. I could be somewhere…anywhere…But I am here…I am just here.   That is enough.

Overcoming stage 4 colorectal cancer    Friends & Family             Those who put their lives in danger to protect our country and our people               

Momma for support       JJ for our friendship & relationship         Kyra for being my bestie             

My brother, Ryan for loving me             “Family” – personal and church                               

The love of my church and the love I feel there                Walking & having income & a place to stay

Food on the table            God’s love          This church         This pastor          These friends    The beach

My son   My friends        Our pets              Out health          Our home           Our vehicles      Jesus

The Holy Spirit  Knowing the love of the Father A beautiful healthy baby daughter

An accepting family        My own health   The spiritual health of my family           My church family

My closest female friend             Food at home    My reliable vehicle        My understanding boyfriend

Fellowship         A loving God      Holy Cross MCC                                Marriage restoration     Prayer warriors

A faithful pastor               Every day God has given me.


This coming Sunday our focus will be on Spirituality.  What is it that you do to develop your faith and spirituality?  Our colors for the day will be Gray and Pink.  Join with us if you have those colors available.  I look forward to seeing you again in church and around the community.

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