Potluck, Stewardship, All Saints and More…

 In Pastor's Message

News Flash – thanks so much to all 37 of you who participated in our Advent Worship Series Preview on Wednesday evening.  All of us on the Worship Planning Team were thrilled to have you as our guests.  We hope you’ll spread the word about our exciting plan for Advent and Christmas at Holy Cross MCC of Pensacola.  Thank you again for your participation!

I hope you’re enjoying our worship services these days.  Our Worship Planning Team is working diligently to work on a theme for each service that is illustrated in everything we do – readings, music, preaching, décor, lighting and congregational participation.  Thanks for the ways you’ve embraced what we’re doing and for your very positive feedback about our worship services.

Our theme for this coming Sunday is “Our House.”   We will include the annual presentation of the “Our Saints” video honoring the saints who have gone before us.  We’ll have a fabulous potluck luncheon which involves all of us. Our choir will be singing a moving anthem called, Please plan to join us and bring a dish of your favorite Sunday dinner food, with enough to share.  We’ll approach the potluck in a different way this week, so don’t miss it.  While you’re preparing, why not invite some friends and bring them with you?  We’ll be glad you did.

We are kicking off our annual Stewardship Campaign this week.  Our finances are once again at a very critical point where we may be facing some drastic cuts that will have a deep impact in order for the church to survive.  I humbly ask you to pray about what you might do to help us bridge the gap again between our expenses and our income.  The fact is, we just won’t be able to continue the way we are for very much longer.  In your bulletin this week you will receive a pledge card for the year to come.  We are going to work very carefully to build a budget around the pledges that we receive.  We ask each and every one who calls Holy Cross MCC their church home to join with us by making a pledge to support that church financially in the coming year.  In addition to that, if you’re able to make a special gift to the church’s every day budget now, we really could use it.  If you’d like to talk about that, please feel free to contact me.  Thank you for what you will do both this week and in the coming year.  My deep gratitude goes to our Stewardship Team for their work in preparing this year’s pledge drive.

I had a great time visiting with so many of our volunteers on campus today (Tuesday).  We had people working in our warehouse/office building, on the church grounds, in the sanctuary, decorating, polishing brass, arranging tables and chairs for the week’s activities, and so much more.  This is what shared ministry is all about – the people of God working together to build an all-welcoming, all-inclusive community of faith.  Thanks to each one of you who faithfully serves with us each and every week.  Your contributions of time, talent and treasure make a huge difference in the ministry of Holy Cross MCC of Pensacola.

Have a blessed week/weekend and I’ll look forward to seeing you in church.

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