Thanksgiving, Advent and so much more…

 In Pastor's Message

Thanks for your ongoing support of the ministry of Holy Cross MCC of Pensacola.  With your support we are able each week to reach out to this community and beyond with the all-inclusive message of God’s love.  What an opportunity, especially as we approach the holiday season this year.  Thanks also to those of you who have participated in our Stewardship Campaign.  We’ll continue to collect pledge cards for the next few weeks in hopes of receiving pledges to fund an appropriate percentage of our budget for 2017.  Thanks also to our Stewardship Team for this year, Rev. Jes Morgan, Ron Bailey, and Nicole Flage for the dedicated effort they have put into promoting the ministries of the church and the ways we fund them.


I’m so excited about the beginning of our Advent Worship Series this coming Sunday.  Our series is called, Hope for the Holidays,” and will begin by focusing on Advent Hope.  My sermon is called Hope Filled Homes and will be accompanied by the beautiful music of the season, along with a few surprises. We’ll begin lighting our Advent Wreath and using many other service elements to prepare our hearts for the gift of Christmas.  I hope you’ll join us every week for the next installment in our Advent Worship Series. I’m proud of all the work the Worship Planning Team has put into preparing us for this season.


We’re bringing back a more refined form of our Christmas Offering this year, using the concept of a money tree.  You will find a tree near the piano that has been beautifully decorated including envelopes and pledge cards.  The envelopes will be marked with a specific number.  Please take the one closest in number to the amount you wish to give over and above your regular tithes and offerings, put the money in the envelope and mark it with your name (if you want tax credit) and place it in the offering plate sometime between now and Christmas.  This offering was a huge help to us last year, and we’re counting on it growing even further this year.  Thanks in advance for the way I know you will participate this year.


A huge debt of gratitude to our Holiday Decorating Team.  They’ve been hard at work this week making the church beautiful for Advent.


Remember our Christmas Holiday Extravaganza is coming up on December 10 at 6PM.  We will feature a free dinner, a visit from Santa, an Ugly Christmas Sweater context, a 50/50 raffle, door prizes, Holiday music Sing along and so much more.  Come join your Holy Cross MCC family for an Extravaganza Christmas.  I can’t wait to see you there.


And so, it’s Thanksgiving time again.  I thought all week about lists of people, lists of events, and other kinds of lists.  They’re dangerous for me, because no matter how hard I try, I always leave someone out.  So let me simply say this year that I am thankful for YOU.  I’m thankful that God has brought us together in this place, for this purpose, and for the opportunity for all of us to become church family and partners in ministry.  I’m thankful for every team leader and team member and for those who faithfully show up as family and friends each time we come together.


Al and I wish every one of you a very Happy Thanksgiving, and we look forward to seeing you in church this coming weekend.

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