Learning to be the Light

 In Pastor's Message

Thank you for another week of excellent participation in the ministry of Holy Cross MCC.  This Tuesday is a great example of how that works.  When I arrived on campus, the parking lot near the office area was full of vehicles.  There were people here working the warehouse, on the church property, in the sanctuary, taking care of flowers, cleaning out and donating items we no longer need or use, setting up musical instruments, training acolytes, cleaning the sacristy, and so much more.  In so many ways, these volunteers assist us in keeping the ministry of Holy Cross MCC fully active.  I deeply appreciate each one of you who contributes your time and your talent to what we do together.  On behalf of all of us; thank you.

I hope you’re taking advantage of the Devotional Playlist we’ve shared with you this week.  In case you still need it, here’s a link to Reflections for the Heart.  Our gratitude goes to Waylon Bailey for compiling this deeply worshipful playlist for all of us.  I pray that it will be a blessing to you during your daily devotional practice, in your car and in every way you can use it.

Just a slight change in our worship around communion, primarily on behalf of our musicians.  I am now serving communion to the Choir, Praise Band and Praise Singers before the beginning of our Worship Celebration.  This move came at their request and seems to be working well for them. It enables every one of them to receive communion in a relaxed, worshipful and meaningful manner.

This week in our Epiphany Worship Series, Learning to be the Light, is intended to be a fun week.  We will include some unique and fun aspects in our Worship Celebration on Sunday, and we will offer Movie Night on Wednesday evening at 6:30. Mrs. Doubtfire will be showing and concessions will be available.  Maybe best of all, admission is free and open to all.  We’ve planned this as a time of fun and fellowship for us to come together and enjoy one another’s company.  I hope you’ll join us this coming Wednesday!

I hope you’ll take notice of our Calendar of events. Here are just some of the activities you will find listed there.  Movie Night, Mardi Gras Party, Men’s Breakfast, Women’s Breakfast, Potluck Luncheon and Ice Cream Social and more.  We want to be a church that worships together, does service together and socializes together to build up the body of Christ in our church.  Come join us as often as you can and always remember to bring some friends.  Finally, whenever you see our events on Facebook, please share them with your friends.  Thank you so much.

I hope the rest of your week is fabulous.  Take good care, enjoy and be safe out there.

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