Light My Way

 In Pastor's Message

Thanks for your participation in the ministry of Holy Cross MCC of Pensacola.  With your participation, we are able to spread the message contained in our Statement of Purpose – You are loved.  You are Worthy. You are welcome.

We’re looking forward to the third Sunday of our Epiphany Worship Series, Learning to Be the Light.  This Sunday’s theme is Light My Way.  We’ll have a pathway lit through the church to illustrate the paths we follow along the journey toward learning to be Christ’s light in our world.  I hope you’ll be here to join us and bring some friends.  This week’s homework is to do some random acts of kindness as part of our daily devotional practice.  Here are some ideas for simple random acts of kindness:

  1. Pay for the order of the person behind you in line.
  2. Buy someone a cup of coffee.
  3. Hand out snack bags at intersections (fruit, granola, water, hygiene items, etc.)
  4. Cook dinner for someone.
  5. Increase your restaurant server’s tip.
  6. Buy a random gift for someone.
  7. Bring someone to church or a church activity with you.
  8. Offer to babysit someone’s child or animal.
  9. Send someone flowers for no reason at all.
  10. Do someone’s yard work.

Maybe you have some other ideas.  I would love to hear about them.  Share them with me at

This Sunday is our Fifth Sunday Potluck Meal.  Come and bring a dish of your favorite food with enough to share. This is a perfect time to invite some friends to join you for church and lunch.  I hear we’re going to have some corned beef and cabbage and I am planning to make chili.  I hope it’s not too warm outside enjoy it.  Everybody’s welcome to come join us for church and lunch – or as I grew up calling it “dinner on the grounds.”

Attention Men – The men’s fellowship breakfast is coming up on Saturday, February 4 from 9 – 11.  The menu includes pancakes, sausage, bacon, breakfast casserole (from fresh country eggs), coffee and juice.  We hope all the men of the church will join us and bring a friend or two.  Please rsvp via our Facebook page or by emailing me at   Women, save the date – you breakfast is March 4 at the same time.  Rumor has it the men will be cooking for you!

Check out the church calendar here in The GEM for all our ministry events.  As we say repeatedly, come and bring some friends so we can enjoy each other’s company as we serve in ministry together.

Oh and by the way thanks to all of you who came out of Movie Night as we showed Mrs. Doubtfire. We had a really good time (and you get A+’s on your homework for this week).

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you in church.

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