Lent Worship Series – “The Gift”

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I’ve just returned home from our amazing Ash Wednesday service at church.  We had such a moving time with music, preaching, the imposition of ashes and a unique dissolving paper ritual.  Thanks so much to all of you who came and participated in the service so beautifully.  Thanks also to members of our Worship Planning Team who transformed the church from Epiphany to Lent so quickly and beautifully.  If you weren’t there tonight, just wait until you see “The Gift.”  You’ll be amazed by it, I’m sure. By the way, you can watch the Ash Wednesday service by following this link.  HCMCC Ash Wednesday. Join us and share with your friends.

Women of the church – This one’s for you. Our Women’s Fellowship Breakfast is this Saturday morning at 9AM, served by the men of the church.  Your menu includes Homemade biscuits, chocolate gravy, sausage gravy, country egg, hash brown and sausage casserole, bacon and ham, juice and coffee.  There’s still time for you to RSVP by clicking here HCMCC Women’s Breakfast RSVP, or by emailing me at revdrjimmerritt@holycrossmcc.com.  We look forward to a fabulous morning of fellowship with all of you.

Our Lenten Worship Series, “The Gift” began tonight during our Ash Wednesday service.  This coming Sunday we will continue the series with a focus on “The Gift of Uncertainty.”  Consider this reading which will be shared during the service;

“You are like (a) swan in his awkward waddling across the ground; the swan doesn’t cure his own awkwardness by beating himself on the back, by moving faster, or by trying to organize himself better.  He does it by moving toward the elemental water, where he belongs.  It is the simple contact with the water that gives him grace and presence.  You only have to touch the elemental waters in your own life, and it will transform everything.  But you have to let yourself down in to those waters from the ground on which you stand, and that can be hard.  Particularly if you know you might drown…Let go of all this effort, and let yourself down, however awkwardly, into the waters.”  

– Brother David Steidl-Rast


Our faith often calls us to unfamiliar settings and to new experiences that can led us to feel uncertainty.  As we demonstrate our faithfulness to God and trust God to lead us in the paths we are called to follow, we can experience uncertainty as a gift that leads to further blessings.  Come be with us this Sunday as we explore The Gift of Uncertainty. I look forward to seeing you.



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