“The Gift of Temptation” – This Coming Sunday

 In Pastor's Message

Our campus has been abuzz with activity already this week. Volunteers have been here making repairs, changing lights, watering and sunning plants, building steps for the new multimedia platform, giving groceries to our Wednesday guest, cleaning, and performing a number of other tasks that allow the ministry of Holy Cross MCC to remain fully active.  Thanks to all of you who participate each week.  You are our best Holy Cross Ambassadors, offering the message of God’s all-inclusive love to all who come our way.

We have need of a few more volunteers to help keep our church clean.  Every week the sanctuary building needs to be thoroughly cleaned and prepared for that week’s activities.  If you are willing and able to assist with this, please contact us at office@holycrossmcc.com. Thank you so much.

Our next special event in our Lent Worship Series, The Gift, is coming up next Wednesday evening, April 5, at 6:30pm.  I hope many of you will come and participate in this time of meditation, prayer and reflection with us.  After we’ve walked, we will share a time of reflection over some cookies and drinks. Come try this on as we continue our preparation for the blessings of Easter, and please RSVP here – Labyrinth Walk.

Then on Saturday, April 8 at 6PM, we will have our churchwide Pancake Supper and Bingo.  We have a wonderful team of volunteers working together to offer this event, so I encourage all of you to come, enjoy the food and fellowship, and support the team offering such an exciting event.  With this many potential participants and with food involved, RSVP’s become even more important, so please let us know you’re coming by going here – Pancakes & Bingo.

Are you interesting in membership at Holy Cross MCC?  We are beginning to form our next membership class.  If you are interested in joining us, please email revdrjimmerritt@holycrossmcc.com.  I want to be flexible about the time we schedule this class, so please do email me and we will choose the date and time that works best for the largest number of participants.  I look forward to hearing from you.

This Sunday we continue our Lent Worship Series, The Gift, as we focus on The Gift of Temptation. We’re working on many ways to illustrate temptation to enhance our reflection together.  There will be beautiful music, amazing ritual arts, prayer, preaching, praise and worship and so much more.  Come join your spirits together with the entire congregation as we gather as a welcoming community of faith.  I look forward to seeing you.

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