The Gift of a Meal

 In Pastor's Message

I hope you are enjoying a week filled with the awareness of choices you and I make every day and often every moment of our lives.  The Gift of Choices was our focus this past Sunday and I hope it has been on your mind all through the week.

This is an exciting weekend in the life of our church.  Sunday morning we will come together as a community of faith in our Morning Worship Celebration, focusing on The Gift of a MealWe’ll talk about God’s table, communion, the Lord’s Supper and other meals we enjoy together.  We’ll think about their importance and the reasons why food is such a large part of what we offer.  David Beers will make his solo debut and our wonderful Music Team will lead us in worship through song and praise.

Immediately after the Worship Celebration we will enjoy our Fifth Sunday Potluck Fellowship Luncheon, where everyone is welcome.  Come and bring a dish of your favorite food with enough to share.  Bring some friends and invite some visitors to share the meal with you.  Encourage those on your ministry team to participate and let’s make this a real family meal.

After the Potluck Luncheon, we will share our next Ministry Leader and Ministry Team Update from the Worship Planning Team.  This update is intended for all interested parties.  We’ll review our worship planning for the summer as well as our plans for fellowship opportunities. We’ll also invite ministry teams to join us in implementing our summer plan by taking on parts of the program.  This promises to be an exciting and informative time together. Most important, it is a time when we solicit your feedback and input about our ministry opportunities.  Once again, please join us and encourage your ministry team members to be here as well.

We are beginning to work on plans for Mothers’ Day.  We’d like to offer a PowerPoint and Music presentation that day including as many pictures of your mothers as we can get.  These can be birth mothers, grandmothers, adopted mothers, godmothers, or anyone who fulfilled or fulfills the role of mother for you.  When you email your picture please include the name of the mother and what relationship she is to you.  For example, mine would be Charlotte Merritt, Mother of Rev. Dr. Jim Merritt.  Please begin now emailing your mothers’ pictures to me at As always, please do not bring me the only copy of a beloved picture you have, but scan it and send it to me electronically.  Let’s all participate.  By the way, we will need a minimum of 20 pictures for this project to work.  Start ending now, and thanks so much for your participation.

Gentlemen, remember our next Men’s Fellowship Breakfast is scheduled for May 13, which will be here before we know it.  Mark the date on your calendar and plan to join us as we enjoy this meal offered to us by the women of the church.  Thanks so much, women, for your generosity with this event.

So, I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  I hope you’ll be in church this coming Sunday to celebrate with us, The Gift of a Meal. As one of my childhood pastors used to say, “Let’s celebrate the Lord’s day in the Lord’s way.”  I look forward to seeing you soon.

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