The Gift of a Shepherd

 In Pastor's Message

I hope this issue of The GEM finds each one of you in this midst of a wonderful week of appreciation for all the gifts God gives us each day.  Thanks so much for your amazing response to last Sunday’s theme, The Gift of a Meal.  I’m so please with the way all our teams work together to illustrate these treads in our worship every Sunday and even in our times of fellowship together.  Thanks to each one of you who has a part in it for your uncommonly good contribution to our lives together.

Gentlemen, remember our next Men’s Fellowship Breakfast is scheduled for May 13, which will be here before we know it.  Mark the date on your calendar and plan to join us as we enjoy this meal offered to us by the women of the church.  Thanks so much, women, for your generosity with this event.

We are working steadily on our special Mothers’ Day PowerPoint presentation.  We would love to include as many pictures of your mothers as you are willing to share, and we deeply appreciate all of you who have sent them already.  These can be birth mothers, grandmothers, adopted mothers, godmothers, or anyone who fulfilled or fulfills the role of mother for you.  When you email your picture please include the name of the mother and what relationship she is to you.  For example, mine would be Charlotte Merritt, Mother of Rev. Dr. Jim Merritt.  Please continue emailing your mothers’ pictures to me at As always, please do not bring me the only copy of a beloved picture you have, but scan it and send it to me electronically.  Let’s all participate.  By the way, we will need a minimum of 20 pictures for this project to work.  Start ending now, and thanks so much for your participation. The deadline for participation in Thursday, May 11 at noon.  Thank you again.

One bit of sad news.  Our “Breaking Bread” ministry is taking a break, at least for now.  Our food pantry recently became a USDA provider which offers us 5,000 lb. of groceries per month for…ready for this…FREE.  However, they have stringent regulations about serving hot food, physical plant requirements about the kitchen and how the food is prepared.  Frankly, it would be on the verge of impossible for us to get up to speed on the USDA requirements without spending a hefty sum of money.  We looked at offering the meals on different days, getting that food from another provider, and some other options, none of which has worked out. After that, all of us together made the decision to discontinue “Breaking Bread.”   On behalf of all the Holy Cross family, we offer our deep gratitude to our “Breaking Bread Team.”  We give thanks for every meal that you’ve provided and for every hungry mouth that has been fed.  May God bless you for this wonderful service you have provided.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  I hope you’ll be in church this coming Sunday to celebrate with us, The Gift of a Shepherd. Come, bring some friends with you and remember to bring something for the offering.  May God bless you throughout the remainder of this week.

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