Pentecost Sunday

 In Pastor's Message

Thanks so much to our team, led by Carollyn Taylor, who offered us such an enjoyable Churchwide Cookout last Sunday.  To every person who helped set up, brought food, helped clean up, and assisted in any way, goes our deep and heartfelt gratitude.  This one of those days when we really enjoyed each other’s company, as we worshipped and played together.  I look forward to many more of those times.

We have our first winner of the “Fill out your Attendance Sheet” drawing.  I’ll be awarding to prize to that person in church on Sunday as we encourage each attendee to fill out an attendance sheet every week.  During the week, we will draw from the completed sheets and announce the weekly prize winner in the next Sunday Worship Celebration.  You must be present to win.  So even if it’s obvious that you’re with us – singer, usher, acolyte, etc.  fill out your attendance slip and place it in the offering bucket.  Thank you so much.

This week we announced our 40th Anniversary and Volunteer Appreciation Dinner for June 23, 2017.  This is a Friday evening and the banquet will begin at 6:30PM.  I’ll have complete menu details for this wonderful FREE meal in just a few days.  Come help us celebrate 40 years of the ministry of Holy Cross MCC and honor all the volunteers who participate. Please RSVP now at  HCMCC Banquet June 23, or email me at The deadline for reservations is June 20 at noon. This event is a joint venture between our Board of Directors and the Worship Planning Team.  I hope many of you will be here to celebrate with us.

This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday. Everyone is encouraged to wear RED to help us celebrate God’s promised gift of a comforter, a companion, the Holy Spirit.  We will have special music, ritual arts, and a passionate sermon called, “Pentecostal Power.”  Come and bring some friends.

Finally, for today, we have renewed interest in Children’s Ministry, specifically Children’s Church.  If you are interested in working with this ministry, please contact me.  Working with children at Holy Cross MCC requires a background screening which must be completed in advance.

Thanks for all you do to help spread the message:  You are loved.  You are worthy. You are welcome.  Have a blessed week and remember to be here on Sunday, and bring someone with you.

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