Ash Wednesday – Morning & Evening Services

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Wednesday, February 14th,  Ashes Only 8AM & Evening Service 6:30PM

God is always reminding us of their goodness. But sometimes it can be difficult to see the good when we are in the midst of a crisis, loss, or some other calamity is happening around us. God is there, in life, in death, creation, and destruction. As a people, we often times want to shy away from anything we perceive as negative. We forget that it’s the fire that refines the gold, that the painful sand stuck in the oyster is what creates the pearl, and that if we take the time to see how beauty is made… it’s almost always through a rigorous process.

People love coming to church on Christmas and Easter, they are times of joy. But when we skip the Lenten season and jump over the acknowledgment of our own mortality, the pain of the cross, and the journey to get there, all we are left with is hollow candy on another Sunday Morning.  Real relationships that last take work, they are messy, and we have to battle out the emotional reality of them. The same is true with our relationship with God.

Ash Wednesday is not the most attended service of the year. Who wants to be reminded that they are dust and to dust they will return? The placing of ashes on the head was a traditional symbol of mourning and disgrace. But if we don’t humble ourselves, acknowledge the wrongs we’ve done to each other, then how can we truly celebrate the joy of Easter? How can we understand the message of redemption if we don’t first realize what we are being redeemed from? Lent is that time of reflection, renewal, and preparation. I hope you’ll take the time this week to join us on the whole journey of the Easter Season.

Please join us for our Ash Wednesday service as we begin the journey of Lent..together.

Father Nathan Monk

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