“Your generosity creates space for God’s miracles
of hope and justice….”

Your tithes can change lives.  Holy Cross MCC offers a number of ways for you to make a difference in the longevity of our church and in the community that we serve.

Holy Cross MCC is committed to our congregation and to the growth of our church. We are also committed to serving our community. Because of the generosity of our members and our community, we are able to help improve the lives of our neighbors though various programs within the church that offer food, clothing, and guidance to the underprivileged, lost, or forgotten.

While church tithes provide the largest share of the denomination’s operating funds, gifts constitute most of our designated funding for outreach, such as our Food Pantry, Breaking Bread and Clothes Closet ministries. We know it is here, in our local church, where lives are saved, spirits are lifted, and hope is restored.

Your gift can provide us with the finances needed to continue and grow our ministries.  As we deploy our ministries, we hope you will consider a planned tithe to our general fund for these programs. We also encourage planned gifting as an endowment in your will as part of your estate plan.

Holy Cross’ ministries and movement depends on each of us to respond to God’s calling to be the very hearts, hands and voices of hope for all people, to advocate for our community, and to celebrate our goodness in God’s sight.

We encourage you to make way for miracles to happen by giving generously to Holy Cross MCC today and often. 

For more information, please contact the church office at 850.469.9090, or email us at office@HolyCrossMCC.com.

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