Learn about the Holy Cross MCC ministries and committees.  Listed below are ministries where your gifts might be useful.  Use this information as a guide to match your spiritual gifts and interests with our work for Gods ministry here in our church and community.

This list is by no means all-inclusive.  If you have other ideas for service in our congregation, please contact our church office at 850.469.909 or office@HolyCrossMCC.com.   May the Lord bless your service!

Hospitality:  The gift of being able to make visitors and strangers feel at home.

ƚ Welcome Committee

ƚ Volunteer Committee

ƚ Call Back Ministry

Teaching:  The gift of being able to explain and apply the truths of God’s Word.

ƚ Pastoral Care

ƚ Acolyte Ministry

ƚ Prayer Ministry



Music:  The gift of being able to use your musical gifts to praise God.

ƚ Choir

ƚ Praise and Worship Band

ƚ Sound/AV Ministry

Giving:  The gift of being able to share one’s material goods and resources generously with others.

ƚ Financial Team

ƚ Bookkeeping/Accounting

ƚ Philanthropy (Fundraising)

ƚ Grant Writing



Mercy:  The gift of being able to come to the aid of suffering people and alleviate their distress.

ƚ Breaking Bread Ministry

ƚ Food Pantry

ƚ Clothes Closet

ƚ Pet Ministry

Serving (General):  The gift of working within the church in a supportive role.

ƚ Facilities Management

ƚ Office Help

Serving (Arts):  The gift of working with church in a supportive role.

ƚ Social Committee(fellowship events)

ƚ Community Advertising

Writing:  The gift of being able to communicate your thoughts in written form.

ƚ Communications (PR) Team

ƚ Internet & Social Media Marketing

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