Q & A about MCC

About Metropolitan Community Church (MCC)? 

MCC churches are located in over 40 countries on six continents and are made up of congregants from many different walks of life. Because of this, we have a fellowship of churches that celebrates diversity both within their local congregations and among the global community.

MCC isa church that believes in the priesthood of all believers. That means, that when you walk into church and become an MCC member, you become a messenger that God loves all of God’s children and celebrates our created sexualities, our diversities and our individual uniqueness.

What about my family?  Is there a place for my children?

Yes. You and your family (biological and of choice) are welcome! Ministry to children and young adults is available in most MCC churches. If you are feeling uncertain about resources available to you at the church you plan to visit, please contact the church representative before you go.  To contact Holy Cross MCC in Pensacola, Florida call 850-469-9090.

Is MCC a gay church?

MCC was founded as a Christian church called to be in ministry to/with homosexual people.  As time passed, the church wasbuilt on the original vision given to become an all-inclusive fellowship of churches –churches that welcome everyone.

Does Holy Cross MCC perform gay marriage?

Holy Cross MCC has been celebrating both same-sex and heterosexual marriages ceremonies for over 30 years.  In locations wheregay marriage is not legal, MCC offers Holy Unions – religious ceremonies that recognize the union of a homosexual couple or anyone who wishes to commit to each other in the house of God

Does Holy Cross MCC perform baptisms and memorials?

Yes.  Holy Cross Pastoral Care is available to officiate at services for non-members as well as for members of Holy Cross MCC.  Baptisms – We divinely perform baptisms for adults or children in our sanctuary.  Memorials – Holy Cross Pastoral Care will officiate memorial services and celebrationnews of life in our sanctuary or at a place appropriate to honor your loved one’s memory and to accommodate family and friends.

To learn more, ask an usher or contact the church office at 850.469.9090 or email us at office@HolyCrossMCC.com.

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